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Where There Should Be Webcams

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:12 am    Post subject: Where There Should Be Webcams Reply with quote

Even though technology pundits have painted a picture of an all intruding web that scans and monitors our daily lives and personal preferences, I actually feel that we are no where near that stage. Those areas of our life that are "monitored" are the use of existing social networks...which have many restrictions and limitations for the format and type of information to be stored.

Yes there is YouTube and photo albums and people post their proms and family reunions, but those are still snapshots from very specialized situations.

The types of data I'm looking for are the day to day life patterns. The information about where people go, what they do, what their impressions are.

One way of putting it is that I'm surprised at the lack of webcams in places in which I think they should be.

For example schools. We have heard about bullying in schools and Pink Shirt days to foster anti-bullying attitudes. Bullying is one of those things that happens because no one is watching...or because those who are there choose to remain silent. That is why schools should be permeated with webcams so that any instance of someone being threatened will be recorded (or live) for playback. I mean other than the famous "Fatty fights the bullies" video, have you seen real examples online of bullying? There should be scads of them based on the reports.

Another area I'd like to see webcams is areas of extreme poverty. Poverty is something that is still very abstract. Even the name -- "poverty" -- becomes an object, rather than people suffering. If you don't have the air miles to head over to central Africa, then it's likely you will experience poverty through news organizations or reports. You may see some photos or a documentary. But I really want to know, morning until night, what is going on. I want to see just how many people in poverty there really are...and what do they do all day. Can you even tell me what a homeless person in LA does each and every day? We should be able to know these things via the web by now!

A third area could be scientists at work. We often hear about "scientists" and "researchers" and again, these terms become very the point that you just say the word...scientists....and people nod and say "oh, yes, well, they must be working on something important". I think every non-Defense research lab should have web cams so we can see what is going on in offices and laboratories. Even if it's agar on a petri dish...just to make it seem more real!

A last comment is just again, now that many of us are carrying around the combination of a PC and movie studio in our pockets, I would love to see a whole lot more daily life, or even made up dramas, coming from natural life. The past few years we've been pounded by "superstar" infiltration of the social networks....people with 1 million Twitter followers. I guess that's not what I signed up for. I want the daily scoop of real a way, TV has gone the opposite, substituting average Joes for superstars in "reality shows" while social media has punished us with 3rd generator Madonna clones. Let's put the people back in the Global Village and get some day to day info.

As the Talking Heads said:

So think about this little scene, apply it to your life
If your work isn't what you love, then something isn't right
Just look at Bob and Judy, they're happy as can be
Inventing situations, putting them on T.V.

--Found a Job
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