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Failed Presidency

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:38 pm    Post subject: Failed Presidency Reply with quote

Read the article "The War Within"

in which Bob Woodward notes
By his own ambitious goals of 2001, he had fallen short. He had not united the country, but had added to its divisions and had become the most divisive figure in the country. He acknowledged to me that he had failed "to change the tone in Washington." He had not rooted out terror wherever it existed. He had not achieved world peace. He had not attained victory in his two wars. Bush himself has noted this, declaring in a Sept. 15, 2007, speech that success in Iraq "will require U.S. political, economic and security engagement beyond my presidency."

It seems that Bush has almost come full circle. Soon, he'll be back
to being the punch line he started his Presidency as. I remember
a joke I coined at the time. "They recently named an institution
of higher learning after George W. Bush -- The George W. Bush
Junior College". *

Then, Bush jokes were suddenly not funny. It might take a
"humor theorist" (now there's a guy that's gonna be popular at
parties, what?) to say why, but, basically, we were depending
on this guy to prove to the world that you don't attack US civilians
on US soil. You don't get away with it. After all, France wasn't
going to defend us. It was up to W.

Pointing out his foolishness, a use of grammar even more
fractured than his father's, or psychoanalyzing the "smirk"
receded well into the background, as he and his team, well,
echoing the Bush Fatigue, let's just say: details on request.
The failures of this presidency go well beyond those listed
in the article. Like every beauty pageant contestant in US
history, he failed to achieve world peace. Perhaps he has
a little Maxwell Smart in him: "missed it by that much."

After his service as a buffoon, then "defender" and then
villain, at some point, and here maybe someone can help me,
W became pathetic. It was no longer necessary to try to
convince most people that this was the worst president in
generations. It might have been "Well, I'm a war president"
in answer, I believe, to Bob Woodward's questions a few
years back. Maybe someone else has a clearer insight into
the events triggering this transition.

Still, Bush Fatigue will fade over time. Defenders will forget
the failures of their attempts to deflect criticisms, and the
topic will once again be in play. It may not be sporting, or
socially acceptable to make jokes about kicking an old dog,
but Bush will rise again. He'll come back full circle to being
the buffoon he started his presidency as.


*I guess this joke might date me a little bit.
Before there were community colleges, there were junior colleges.
Incidentally, these had a precursor in "Normal Schools".
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I won't attempt change your mind.

However, I still believe that Bush will be written in history as the paradigm for the 21st Century President.

Obama already has adopted a lot of his platforms and ideology to create a new Moderate Center.

Robert Gates, Bush's second Secretary of Defense has been kept on.

His energy choices, while voicing concern about Global Warming, are also those who are focused on high tech solutions (Chu) that involve nanotechologies and also people who are willing to put clean coal and nuclear in the mix.
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