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A "caveman" could do it!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:43 am    Post subject: A "caveman" could do it! Reply with quote

I was channel surfing between breaks in football yesterday and caught a few minutes of a Global Warming scare flick (I mean, PBS documentary). This one was about artic ice melting.

First the narrator says that the ice of some lake was frozen "year round". But then the guide for the explorers says it was free "a few months a year". Well, never mind, because now it's ice free year round. And guess what -- the native people there love it! Now they have free passage and trade.

The funny part is the hapless "environmentalists" who go through the village trying to get someone to say what a bad thing it is...and yet, everyone of the Aleuts seems to be liking the warm weather and open water!

There's one fellow, who they really try to arm twist. He says how its getting warmer and warmer there every year.

"Well, how do you feel about that?" says the environmentlist, a foot from the guy's face, with his enviro-buddies right behind him...looking like a bunch of hoods asking "you want this loan, don't cha?".

The guy nonchalantly says "oh, I think it's good. We're poor and warm weather means we'll spend less on fuel".

"But, but" sputters the environmentalist, "what about the polar bear!?!"

"Oh", says the Aleut, "he can go where it's colder".

See, this was the first time I ever had sympathy with a tunda person, because he reacted and spoke like every other person that I know -- he likes warm weather and he likes to save money. He didn't go into some epileptic fit about "Shamanadoda" and start decrying the spirit of the Polar Bear. Nope. He wanted to sip pina coladas and watch the ice melt!
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is another instance in the line of argument you've raised before.
We should like global warming because its warmer and our brains
will work more efficiently.

The end point of that argument was that you admitted that there
were many negatives to it that would need to be mitigated.
You seem to have forgotten that.

That global warming may have some positive effects seems to
me to be the last argument in a chain of defensive retreats from
accepting that GW/CC is real and is a real problem (see my other
posts on this topic). That is, in brief, my counter to the CEI link
you posted in regards to "An Inconvenient Truth". I have not yet
taken on the task of doing a full-scale analysis of the CEI
article, but I think, by being so comprehensive in their refutation
of AIT, that they make this task somewhat easier. For instance,
one of the points is that even Exxon (I think) admits that GW is
real. Thus one can place each of the arguments in the CEI article
in the chain of arguments I mention. The arguments that point out
how GW may not be real can be collected in one place and then
pretty much ignored. In general, refutations of later arguments in
the chain often accept that the earlier arguments are valid.

I'm happy that the Eskimos may not shiver so much, but the
flip side is not so nice, and you seem to have forgotten all about it.


p.s. what do cavemen have to do with this?
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