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Billionaire on Millionaire Violence

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Joined: 20 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:40 pm    Post subject: Billionaire on Millionaire Violence Reply with quote

When I try to analyze our political system, its parties and what they advocate, I am often at a loss. It makes little or no sense because what is said and upheld as a tenet or belief is often contradicted by actions and enactments. People will tout Free Enterprise, yet vote themselves subsidies. Parties will say they are Green, but align with polluters. None of it is rational...or so it would seem.

This mathematically would indicate to me that that factors that we think or are told govern the divisions, are not the real ones. And why should they be? There isn't any sacred law that says Democrats are the party of.... and Republicans are the party of.... Often, we are stuck in paradigms and viewpoints from decades ago... when in fact, these bodies and who they elect may have shifted many times over.

While it may be inadequate, I often propose new divisions or party cliques that might be a better insight to explain behavior. I am far from satisfied with my efforts, but I do no that what we now use to "explain" things is supremely wrong!

So, I now offer that what we have are three classes in society:


The Billionaires are the people who have had extraordinary luck. The luck to catch a ride on assets that rose exponentially in the last 30 years. People do not understand orders of magnitude...they don't understand that a person making a million dollars a year...would take One Thousand Years to save a billion dollars assuming he spent no money, and paid no taxes. Comparatively, a person making $100,000 year would take a mere 10 years to reach a million in savings, under the same conditions.

Now millionaires, from what I have recently read, are almost entirely rich by means of jobs that pay extremely well...high managers, administrators, technical workers in very specialized fields, business owners. These people are also lucky, but have to work very hard...much more in proportion to their wealth than the billionaires.

Then there are the Jobbers. This is the bulk of people...people who only work for someone else, in positions where they can be easily replaced. They basically sell labor...even if they are doing mental work like systems analysis...because they are not selling any value added production or idea. They oar the boat of a millionaire or billionaire.

So, my theory of the political landscape is this. The Republicans are the party of the millionaires. The Democrats are the party of the billionaires. Yes. You heard me right. exclaim...I thought that the Democrats are the party of poor people...or at least "middle class". Well, those distinctions have long since vanished. What used to be a middle class lifestyle, is really only purchaseable by a millionaire's income. The Millionaires are the middle class. They've been globalized so that a Hong Kong millionaire and an Irish millionaire and a Boise millionaire are a global middle class...doing similar work...having a similar relation in society.

The "poor and former middle class" are the Jobbers. They have one role...a vote. And for that vote, it's really bread and circuses. All the big legislation, the really important stuff, is based on a tug of war between the Billionaires and the Millionaires.

So, with the new "tax on the wealthy"...starting at $250,000. Now it's impossible to explain to a $40,000 a year Jobber, but $250,000 is not wealthy. Anyone making that much money is almost surely depending on person who has to go and do something like a professional practice each and every day...maybe working long, long hours all the time. An auto accident that disables such a person would plunge his household into the most dire poverty.

Now, why, you ask would a Billionaire want a "tax on the rich"? The reason is that the Billionaire wants a tax on the Millionaire. Because the Billionaire has assets that are often dependent on government subsidies and contracts to maintain. So, what the Billionaire wants is for there to be more money in the he can grab and enhance his holdings with...especially now in a stagnant financial capital market. The only way the Billionaire can hold on is through taxing Millionaires to get their money. Enter the Democratic party which for all its ballyhooing, is really giving to the voters what amounts to a few Billionaires worth of income to something like 75 million people and calling it "job creation" or whatever.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party opposes these same cuts because its constituency is the Millionaires...and it makes the argument that these people not only employ the most people (which is true, small business does) but they are far more likely to do the direct spending such as home improvement that employes craftsmen, laborers and so on.

So there you have it.

Millionaire Republicans versus Billionaire Democrats.

You get to watch the fight...and pick up the half eaten bags of chips left on the seat.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I found I had to unfriend you when I saw the way you wrote about politics on Facebook, but I note that in this essay, I see a different kind of temperament and what seems a more mature outlook. I am impressed.

I'll be very brief. I ask you to consider that, while you have a lot of definitions refined to the point of being clear and useful, you've missed an essential element in your diagnosis.

Using your terms, I invite you to consider that the conflict you describe is between the party of the Millionaires and Billionaires, the "Republican Party", and the party of the Jobbers and Billionaires, the "Democratic Party".

Without wanting to spend a lot of time to back this up with evidence for now, I'd just say that for every billionaire Democrat you can find, I think I could find multiple billionaire Republicans.

So, would this configuration change anything for your viewpoint?
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Joined: 20 Mar 2006
Posts: 1273
Location: Kent (East Hill), WA

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

No, actually I have been thinking along those lines and was considering making a similar revision.

I think my Facebook Friends list was reduced by quite a lot probably for similar reasons from others.

Not sure what to do about ... or if I care that much.

I think the Facebook model is fairly brittle, and for myself, have no doubt broken it...
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