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They're Laughing At Us...

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:37 am    Post subject: They're Laughing At Us... Reply with quote

I have been reading a certain type of article from Liberal Polemicists that appears often enough to warrant a typecasting. This article will start off with a criticism of some aspect of an American institution and then cut to laughing Europeans.

For example, I was reading in the Huffington Post about how Norwegians laugh at us because their health care system is so superior. ( ). They also laughed because they thought Obama was too conservative. Norwegians laughing at embarassing.

Other uses of this "Factory" (as they say in the software world) or template is transportation. Europeans are always riding trains and laughing at us. The article might start with Frenchmen laughing at us for our puny rail systems. The author will then recite how she was able to "go anywhere" on rail when she was a student with a Eurorail pass a few years back in college. She does not mention that while in Europe she didn't have a job so she basically went where the trains went...not always the other way around. Yet, she didn't notice because she was surrounded by laughing Frenchmen.

It would seem as if America has indeed become the laughing stock of the world, because according to the Polilibs a typical day in Europe consists of waking up in a tiny solar powered apartment, getting on an electric train, getting some free health care, and then having an espresso. This is all Europeans the end of the day they sit drinking espresso and beers that are "so much better than ours" and laugh at Americans. Some days, they whip out their superior cell phones with 4G and call their relatives in Canada, and they laugh together about Americans. Soon China and India will have achieved a standard of living where they can idle the hours guffawing about how their rail systems are so superior to those in the US.

Yes, it would seem that the ROW (Rest of World, as termed by US oriented marketeers) has little to do these days except enjoy state run services and laugh at us. Maybe it's good. Maybe they'll stop hating us so much.

All the world loves a clown.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As the scholarly journal "Reader's Digest" notes: Laughter is the
Best Medicine. This may explain why health care in Europe costs
so much less than in the US.

Years ago, I did somewhat of a study on humor and laughter.
I'm afraid I've forgotten the names of the various theories
(which by the way, were the opposite of funny), but I do recall
some thoughts I had at the time. For one, humor is asymmetrical.
An American telling a joke about Costa Ricans, for example, is
going to be quite different than the other way around.

I like your example about the tourist saying the trains go
"everywhere". It reminds me of another fallacy I see
occasionally. Mr. Libertarian Commuter complains that all
the buses he sees are "empty", as his argument that transit
services should be cut. Of course the buses he sees mostly
are ones that are heading the other direction. It is not much
of a surprise that buses going in the opposite direction
of the typical commute are going to be empty.
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