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Highlights of Superstruct 2019 awards

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:44 am    Post subject: Highlights of Superstruct 2019 awards Reply with quote

from: (excerpted)

The Best of 2019: Superstruct Honors and Awards are Announced!


Most Heroic Award--for the superstructure that best reveals our hidden potential to save the world. Lifeliners, a superstructure for embedded tech-savvy humanitarians, who would go to countries where the social safety net usually provided by governments has broken down and bootstrap high-tech solutions.

Most Collaborative Award--for the superstructure that invents the best new way of working together. TRUSTNET, a superstructure that would empower people to trust strangers by creating a bottom-up RFID-based system for vastly extending your trusted social network.

The Most Whuffie Award
--for the superstructure that encourages the most positive …
Bronze. Educycle, a superstructure that open sources education by helping anyone, anywhere “freecycle” what they know.
Silver. Community Currency, a superstructure that would redefine the global economy by encouraging both macro and micro economies to develop and trade in alternative and locally relevant currencies.
Gold. THE EXCHANGE, a superstructure that creates new gift economies through social networking.

The Viridian Design Award--for the superstructure that creates the most irresistible demand for sustainable, or "green", design.
BRONZE. Valuing the Environment, an economic plan that would require countries to back their monetary currencies with environmental assets.
SILVER. Open Fab Initiative, a project that would help struggling local economies switch to a system of open source fabrication.
GOLD. Terra Perma, a proposal for a massive virtual world that would tracks real-time weather, climate and species data, in order to empower players to coordinate global sustainable food economies.

, for the superstructure that takes the most off-the-wall, unexpected, and left-field approach. Insects4Food, a superstructure that would help solve the "peak protein" dilemma by mass manufacturing insect protein for food.

The Pandora Award--for the superstructure that is such a brilliant idea, once you hear about it, you can't NOT do it.
Bronze. The Society for Creative Breaking of Shit, a superstructure designed to harness the talents of griefers and hackers for good.
Silver. Farm Golf and More, a superstructure designed to invent sustainable sports and create food-producing athletic grounds.
Gold. The Global Village, a superstructure that aims to provide a “third space” for women refugees and to engage them as caretakers for the local community.

The Wonderfully Absurd Award--for the superstructure that does good by celebrating absurdity at its finest. Las Vegas Pinata, a superstructure that would take over and transform the city of Las Vegas in order to provide a refuge city for the forced migrants of generation exile.

The Greatest Amount of Soul Award
, for the superstructure that goes the farthest beyond practical solutions to really lift the human spirit. One-A-Day Introductions, a superstructure designed to build local social safety nets through casual face-to-face interaction.

, for the superstructure that would most dramatically raise global quality of life with the least amount of resources consumed. THE LONG GAME, a superstructure that would organize a 1000-year-long game to give individuals the chance to be a part of something truly epic, and which would bring society together through infinite play.


"Transreality's Most Wanted" Award – for the superstructure that will most help encourage the continuation of what's been started during the six-week Superstruct experiment. The Museum of Impossible Things, a superstructure that would inspire designers engineers to work on truly breakthrough projects by creating a community space for displaying seemingly impossible things.

The “Of Course! The Future Needs a Soul! Award” for the superstructures that most passionately proposed non-technological solutions that are completely necessary for a truly human future. (Note: The prize-giver is supposed to smack his own forehead when reading this award name out loud.) RevsSparker, for his work on the superstructures “Everyday Heroes” and “Dinners for 12” stories, your “Everyday Heroes”.

The MindStruct Award
, for the superstructure that provides the most delicious and satisfying food for thought. Quantum Governance, a superstructure that set up a complex thought experiment to re-imagine the workings of democratic government through principles of quantum physics.

The Imaginative Pragmatism award, for the player who best balances inventiveness and creativity with believable and pragmatic
intervention. Empiricus

The Responsiveness Award
, for the player who was best learning and adapting their thinking during the game. Platonic Jensen

The Escape Artist award, for the players who helped take Superstruct beyond the main site. IneffaBelle, for Reconstruct ( ) etc. and jorgeguberte, for Superstruct Classifieds ( )

The Taking it Seriously award. Hexayurt Projects

The "OMG, did he actually just do that?” Infrarad.

The Strossian Reveal award. ARK (Art Replacing Knowledge)

The Dynamic Opposition Award
--for the SEHI who most productively challenged other SEHI's ideas. Ruud Dirven.

"The Thomas Pynchon" award for the most inventive underground system. The New Pony Express".

The "Down the Rabbit Hole" award
, for the most engaging introduction to the game. 2019 Weather Project
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